Wedding coordinators have seen it all. From dress mishaps to family flair-ups, to photographer stuff-ups. These quick do’s from our wedding co-ordinator Melissa Du Preez will help ensure that your day is as amazing as you always dreamt it would be.

Do make sure that your dress is comfortable

“This may sound obvious, but I have seen many a bride grimace on her wedding day because of a chafing, uncomfortable dress or because she keeps stepping on her train. It is important to remember that you will be spending hours in your dress and that you really don’t want to look as if you are in pain in your photographs. And most importantly, if you are going to dance make sure that your dress designer included the option to tie or pin your dress or train up. “

Do your homework and hire a great photographer

“You will look back on your wedding photographs for years and years to come so it is very important to choose the right photographer for you. Decide on what style you prefer and look for a photographer that matches your vision. Shortlist a couple and do your homework. Read reviews, check out their websites, and browse their portfolios. Contact your shortlist and set up interviews as this decision can not be decided on looks alone.  Lastly, compare packages and make sure that you understand what exactly is and isn’t included. Once you have decided on a photographer, book an engagement photoshoot at your wedding venue. This will ensure that you find the best spots for your wedding photos and it will give you and your photographer a chance to get to know each other.”

Do capture your wedding on video

“Wedding videos capture the emotions of the day and is something you will treasure for the rest of your life. A good videographer tells the story of your day and once you see it, you will realise just how many good moments you missed in the flurry of activity. A time will come when you want to relive every minute of your wedding day and a video is the only way that you will get to do it.”

Do put your personality into your flowers and decor

“It is the bride and groom’s wedding day, not the mother’s or sisters or granny’s and it is important that your personalities are reflected in your flower and décor choices. You need to feel at home at your wedding, and flowers and décor is not something you want to have regrets about. Your choice of styling showcases who you are and the right choices will create memories that last you a lifetime.”

Do make decisions as a couple

“The bride and groom are both getting married and it is vital that you work together on every aspect of the wedding. This not only keeps the peace between you but ensures that both your characters are reflected in the wedding. Every bride and groom enjoy having their families involved in the wedding, but you will do well to remember that it is your wedding and no one else’s and that final decisions on everything from food to décor rest with you.”